School Counselors





    At Quashnet School, we are very proud of the wrap-around services we provide to our students. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child and family.  Our three outstanding counselors, Mr. Withington, Ms. Maggiacomo, and Mrs. Morrison, provide student support before, during, and after school, in classrooms, during lunch bunches, on the playground, in our hallways. Counselors can be reached at the email address below. 

    Click on the links below to visit each counselor's website  

    School Counselor Margaret Morrison:  Mrs. Morrison's Website

    School Counselor Sean Withington:  Mr. Withington's Website

    School Counselor:  Lauren Maggiocomo

    Quashnet School Labyrinth     



    Ms. Maggiocomo can be reached at 508-539-1550  x4177

    Mrs. Morrison can be reached at 508-539-1550  x4179

    Mr. Withington can be reached at 508-539-1550  x4140





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