• Colleges That Change Lives (CTCL)

    (enrollments ranging from 350-4,000)

    When acclaimed education writer Loren Pope, founder of CTCL, first set out to share with students, families, and college counselors his thoughts about higher education, his goal was to provide insights that would allow people to make more informed choices. Too often college choices are made based on false perceptions, misinformation, or a lack of information—and these uninformed choices have led to higher dropout, transfer, and failure rates in higher education.

    As a non-profit organization, CTCL is dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process. CTCL's mission is to help students frame their search beyond the ratings and rankings and to find a college that cultivates a lifelong love of learning and provides the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life beyond college.

    For more information please visit http://ctcl.org