September 2017 – May 2018


    Before filling out the FAFSA, be sure to:

    Apply for a FSA USER ID!  Go to https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index/htm to apply for a FSA User ID to sign your FAFSA electronically and speed up the application process.  If you are a dependent student for financial aid purposes (under 24, not married, no children), your parent will also need to apply for a PIN.

     Gather Documents!  YOU MUST HAVE:

               -   Your social security number and your parents’ social security numbers, if you are providing parent information.  You will also need your parents’ dates of birth.  If your parents are divorced, separated, or widowed, you will need the month and date of the divorce/separation/death.

                -  Your driver’s license number, if you have one.

                -  Your alien registration number, if you are not a U.S. Citizen.

                -  2015 Federal tax information or tax returns, including W-2’s for yourself, for your spouse, if you are married, and for your parent, if you are providing parent information.

                 -  Records of 2015 untaxed income (such as child support and retirement contributions).  Information on savings and investment for yourself (and your parents, if you are providing parents information).  This includes the balance of all checking and savings accounts.

                -  Current market value of all real estate property including multiple family houses NOT the student’s, spouses, or parent’s primary residence.

     Apply on-line at www.fafsa.ed.gov  and process your 2017-2018 FAFSA:

    1.  When you are ready to begin select “filling out the FAFSA” and follow the on-screen instructions.
    2.  If you have questions or need help click the “live help” link.  Send and receive real-time answers to questions by email, or call 1-800-4 FED-AID to speak to a customer service representative.
    3.  Enter the school code for all the colleges to which you are applying.
    4.  Review your answers carefully.
    5.  At the end of the application, you can apply for a pin at that time, if you do not have one.
    6.  Have your parents sign with a FSA User ID or print, sign and mail in a paper signature page.
    7.  Submit your FAFSA by using the “Submit My FAFSA Now” button.
    8.  Print the confirmation page for your records.

    PLEASE be sure to answer all the required questions; leaving questions blank causes delays in processing your aid.

    Remember you can START applying as of October 1, 2016 do not delay….