Future Ready Massachusetts is a public communication campaign designed to promote awareness and understanding of what it takes for all students to be "college and career ready."  To be Future Ready means a student has the knowldege, skills and experiences needed to complete further education and training that will provide access to the career of their choice.

    Three key messages:

    START NOW:  It's never too early or too late to start planning for your future. Sometimes knowing the options is all it takes.  As early as middle school students should have a college and career plan and success in ninth grade is critical.  Get all the supports your student needs to pass all their classes in ninth grade and have a plan for the rest of high school.

    AIM HIGH:  Students who challenge themselves through a rigorous course of study are usually the ones who go the farthest. Taking challenging courses in high school is the single best predictor of how well students will do in college.  Encourage students to take advanced placement, dual enrollment and online courses.

    LOOK BEYOND: (outside the classroom) for learning opportunities that support career pathway development.  Good grades and "book smarts" are not enough.  Students need our help to identify jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities that interest them so they can plan for a career and gain experience for their life.  These opportunities will help build workplace and interpersonal skills while identifying and supporting their career path.  


    MA Department of Education