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Meet the Team

Patty DeBoer


Patricia DeBoer

Dr. Hope Hanscom

Asst. Superintendent

Dr. Hope Hanscom

Ashley Lopes

Director of Finance

Ashley Lopes

Dr. Jaime Curley

Director of Special Education

Dr. Jaime Curley

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Mashpee Middle-High School


Kathleen McSweeney

Principal Elijah Switzer

Quashnet School 


Elijah Switzer

MaryKate O'Brien

Kenneth C Coombs School


Mary Kate O"Brien

District Department Heads

Athletic Director Matthew Triveri 508-539-3600 ext. 1703
Director of Career and Technical Education

Michael Looney

508-539-3600 ext. 1321
Director of English Language Education Courtney Schneeweiss 508-530-1520 ext. 4152
Food Services Director Cathy Kingsbury 508-539-1550, ext. 4190
Assistant Director of Food Services Kristen Hurlburt 508-539-1550 ext. 4190
District Nurse Coordinator Stacey Schakel 508-539-1526
Director of Instructional Technology  Suzy Brooks 508-539-3600 ext. 2065
Network Director Sean Moroney 508-539-3600 ext. 1315
District Outreach Coordinator Consuelo Carroll 508-539-3600 ext.1340

Director of School Counseling; College & Career Readiness

Lindsay Kett 508-539-3600 ext.1150

Title 1

Hope Hanscom, Assistant Superintendent 508-539-1500 ext. 4225

School Nurses

  • K.C. Coombs School Nurse: Stacey Schakel, 508-539-1526
  • Quashnet School Nurse: Theresa Richards, 508-539-6792
  • Mashpee Middle-High School Nurse: Jennifer Garb-Palumbo, 508-539-6712