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Mashpee Staff


Mashpee Staff, be sure to add the following link

to your "FAVORITES"

You can only access this link when you are logged into your staff account.

To access PowerSchool from home as a teacher:
You will be prompted for your username and password. 
To register your absence from school:
You will be prompted for your username, password, and the district name.
Note:  If unable to enter an absence using the online tool,
please call your principal to inform him/her about your absence
To put in a maintenance request through School Dude:

Complete the requested information. Help # for School Dude is 1-877-868-3833

Account number and the password are both listed in the MPS Staff site above.

Logo for SmartEDU


Link to sign up for MashpeePD through SmartEDU

Navigating SmartEDU

Tutorial to help you sign up for a course through SMART EDU

Need Technology Support? Click HERE!

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