• Grade 6 English Language Arts and Literacy

         In 6th grade, students apply skills they learned in earlier grades to make sense of longer, more challenging books and articles. That includes learning about how authors try to influence readers and find reasons to support their ideas. Focusing on how authors make their points and support their arguments with evidence and reasoning helps 6th grade students sharpen their ability to write and speak with more clarity and coherence. Students also will expand their vocabularies and use new words in their stories, reports, and essays. To meet these literacy goals, students must devote significant attention to precise details in their reading and when writing.

    Grade 6 Mathematics

         The skills and understanding that your child will gain during 6th grade are among the most important foundations for college and career readiness. These include working with ratios and rates and working with variables and variable expressions — the building blocks of algebra. Many of this year’s topics will remain a major emphasis throughout the middle school years and into high school.

    2018-2019 Sixth Grade Teaching Teams 

    Ms. Baccaro and Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Murray

     Miss Sweeney and Mr. Williams

    Mrs. Geggatt, Mr. Mannix, Ms. McBrien


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