• Logo--Mashpee's Portrait of a Graduate




    MPS--Portrait of a Graduate


    • Express my understanding clearly using a variety of formats depending on purpose and audience
    • Fulfill my responsibilities as a member of a team or a group
    • Actively listen to, honor, and build upon the voices and ideas of others
    • Understand that opinions are connected to emotions and experiences
    • Give and receive appropriate, constructive feedback
    • Interact responsibly in all settings

    ENGAGED CITIZEN--(I . . . )

    • Take steps to improve the broader community
    • Understand and embrace individual, local, and global diversity
    • Practice ethical and empathetic behavior
    • Exercise civic responsibilities (e.g. local, state, tribal, national, and global)
    • Participate in conservation efforts and environmental stewardship
    • Recognize the varied historical perspectives of Mashpee including those of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and how they shape our community

    RESILIENT ME--(I . . .)

    • Set personal goals and evaluate my progress in achieving them
    • Possess personal financial literacy and establish financial goals
    • Establish and maintain meaningful connections with those around me
    • Maintin a balanced lifestyle, strive to be grateful and positive, and use strategies to navigate challenges
    • Actively engage in self-improvement and self-advocacy
    • Take initiative and have a strong work ethic
    • Make informed choices that enable me to live a healthy and fulfilling life


    • Practice active learning
    • Persevere in scholarly and academic endeavors
    • Reflect thoughtfully on my learning
    • Value curiosity and ask questions accordingly
    • Research and evaluate information from varied sources
    • Explore opportunities that help me discover and pursue my passion(s)


    • Strategically plan how to approach a project or problem
    • Apply my knowledge, experience, and skills to generate creative and innovative ideas
    • Reason effectively to make sound judgments and informed decisions
    • Take appropriate risks, learn from mistakes and failures, and remain resilient
    • Can adapt to change and be flexible in my thinking


    Mashpee "M" Logo

    Background:  During the 2018-2019 school year a group of 25 Mashpee Public Schools stakeholders (district leaders, school leaders, teachers, MMHS students, parents, a Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe representative, and representatives from the community/local businesses) met on four different full days to learn and debate what skills, knowledge, and dispositions a Mashpee graduate should possess and to develop a draft Portrait of a Graduate based on our learning.  The final Portrait of a Graduate shown above reflects many edits collected from various stakeholder groups during a review process that took place during May, June, and July of 2019.